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American Balneo Medicine Association

The American Balneo Medicine Association is a nonprofit organization, dedicated to the education of medical professionals in Balneo Medicine – its ancient principles and modern possibilities, as well as its correlation to the modern pharma medicine.

The ABMA seeks a better understanding of the chronic degenerative disease (CDD) epidemics in USA and strives to elevate the success of therapy for the CDD patients by offering them additional treatment avenues and in doing so, to substantially increase the ability to fight the illnesses and epidemics of our times.

It is the scientific consensus today that the current modern medicine can no longer, by itself, control the explosion of the chronic degenerative diseases in our population and that the CDD epidemics afflict presently the half of our nation, continuing to grow out of control.  The Balneo Medicine with more than 2 millennia of tradition can represent the tipping point in CDD management when correlated with the pharma medicine, for the ultimate therapeutic success and the health benefit of our society.

The recognition of Balneo Medicine and its historically proven service for human health will always be the ABMA’s central goal.

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