by Dr. F. Braich, DDS, PhD

At an interview in the Fox News channel on September 22nd 2020,  the CDC confirms the previously debated information that over 97% of all Coronavirus fatalities in our hospitals were patients with secondary medical loads, previously diagnosed chronic degenerative disease (CDD) such as cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, diabetes and obesity, hypertension, renal and other chronic disease.

This explains further why the initial observation regarding the age of the affected population was set at 65 years of age and higher with the younger population having a substantially lower incidence of CDDs.

 What is the logical deduction from this new statistical observation?

The initial fact to be addressed is that Pharma- medicine is treating these CDD cases in hundreds of millions over the last decade across the planet, with ever more increased efficiency in medication and new chemicals and therapeutic measures are developing daily with ever more potency.

However and against this effort, CDDs are far from being eradicated… just the opposite effect is being observed. The lives of such patients are extended alright, their quality of life is improved and their sufferings are mitigated with the help of the new medication, but the number of cases of CDDs worldwide is increasing nevertheless dramatically in the same time.

 Pharma -medicine will continue to control these afflictions and assist such CDD patients, but a cure for the CDDs cannot be expected from the status quo of our medical practice and the present medical philosophy.

 As long as no super violent pathogens are out there, the CDD patients can reasonably expect a relative normality in their chronic disease management. If however, the world explodes in a super pandemic, such as the present Chinese Corona disease, the safety of hundreds of millions of such CDD patients is in a dramatic and even fatal struggle for survival, with the traditional Pharma-medicine scrambling for social distancing and global shutdowns.

 The logical conclusion here can only be that Pharma-medicine needs now in view of a world pandemic and under the enormous pressure for survival solutions, the strong and natural cooperation, interaction and intense support from the Balneo-Medicine.

 The quintessential biological objective of Balneo-medicine is the recovery, rehabilitation and finally the optimization of the human Immune System.

 Vaccines are definitely an important hope, convalescent plasma therapy and other possibilities are promising as well, but they are medical fixings after the fact, after the virus infection has extended itself and invaded CATASTROPHICALLY a huge number of the world’s population.

Promoting the ultimate mechanism of prevention by increasing the efficiency of our own Immune System, is the single logical and intelligent plan of action against future pandemics to be expected. This terrifying possibility of future pandemics was most recently confirmed by another medical Chinese virologist and refugee to our country “the other” DR. LEE of Hong Kong. 

 When confronted with the ultimate biological nightmare, the possible world total shutdown and with  the survival of the human race now in question, the time for self-critical analysis, the revision of medical dogmas, and the scientific  soul-search must gain momentum and a retrospective, objective consideration of our medical past and origin ,long before our “antibiotic revolution” may give us a possible revelation.  Our society is now desperately clambering for a medical solution and demanding an answer from the world medical establishment who unfortunately has only vague and generic solutions and advice to offer.

 The Balneo-Medicine Lifestyle Change was developed millennia ago by the Greek and Roman fathers of modern medicine. Organically growing from such historic roots, over centuries the modern Balneo-medicine today finds its unique, life-saving role now as a mandatory element in the future pandemics mitigations.

 As millions of cases have clearly demonstrated, the European centers of Balneo-medicine in over 20 member countries of the ESPA,  the  European Spa Association, are successfully treating for many decades all forms of CDD afflictions, detoxification cases and psycho-medical lifestyle rehabilitations.

 The present Corona- world crisis must represent the turning point in our medical approach of CDD illnesses, infectious disease and the fundamental role of our Immune System in our survival into the much more dangerous centuries to come.

 The Balneo-medicine is now clearly the only and most essential element and helper for Pharma-medicine, as a successful total concept in addressing future pandemics and preventing even more deadly global economic shut downs. 

 Only if we definitely understand that the Pharma status quo is just not enough to prevent the present global calamities and the Balneo-medicine must be brought to join the fight, can we as a modern human society of the 21st century, have a reasonable and therefore realistic chance of controlling future pandemics.

 The closest collaboration between Pharma-medicine and Balneo-medicine is the single one intelligent answer to prevent global catastrophes after our 2020 experience.

The true origin of the present world health crisis is the ever weakening modern Immune System, suppressed by accelerating incidence of CDDs and barely maintained “on artificial life support” by ever more potent drugs. The present Coronavirus explosion is the vivid proof that the modern philosophy and practice such as mitigating the CDD symptoms only, is not and will never be the adequate solution to our modern health crisis.

As anachronistic and ironic the real answer may sound to the Pharma-medicine doctors in the 21st century, the ancient fathers of medicine already expressed it clearly in the irrefutable and forever valid norm of Balneo-medicine:

 Mens Sana in corpore Sano”

 A vague modern and adapted paraphrasing of this ancient truth will be that no matter how potent the modern drugs may be, the fight against the total virulent agent such as Corona virus can only be successfully carried on if all components of our biological defense mechanism are supported and addressed. Consequently therefore, only if our own biological defense mechanism, the Immune System, is fully protecting us against the new invaders, will we, as an evolving and permanently adapting biological complexity, have a chance to survive.

 In addition to existing and proven Balneo-medicine therapies, new treatments are now in progress in different centers of ESPA members, specifically dedicated to the Corona virus rehabilitation and geared further into the future.

 The annual and biannual resorts -specific health vacations of the past are now gaining new importance. Treating the CDD pre-existing conditions, de-stressing and rejuvenating the physical condition of the patients will always result in a considerable rehabilitation of the patients’ IMMUNE SYSTEM.

 The present studies regarding the “T-cells” as well as the link between the Immune System and the stress hormones are furthermore leading the discussion today towards the Balneo-lifestyle -change, an idea long forgotten but totally vindicated now by the world pandemic.  Our natural self-defense mechanism with its now postulated immunity even against an unnatural pathogen such the present Chinese Coronavirus is indeed remarkable but can only be expected from an adequately functioning and non-impaired Immune System. 

 Furthermore, the three primordial health-risk factors during the Corona pandemic have been identified by the specialists as the pre-existing CDD illnesses, stress hormones excess combined with drug toxicity and the omnipresent but untreated gum disease: Periodontitis.

All these three super risk factors are targeting individually and collectively our Immune System. Mitigating these risk elements by addressing our Immune System through a medical and scientific Balneo-lifestyle-change will be the key element in supporting Pharma medicine with its vaccines and other new pharma therapies.

 If another pandemic is out there in the future, present vaccines and therapies developed on the Corona-virus of today may not help at all at that given time.  The rehabilitation of our Immune System now and the introduction of Immunology as our most important medical element in our treatments may save millions of lives and prevent future global economic catastrophes as well as giving us the critical time needed for new vaccines and Pharma medicine developments.

 In this retrospect: Balneo-medicine is the only missing link for the health management of our society and its cooperation with Pharma-medicine must be accepted and promoted as a proven fact and uncontested necessity as clearly and painfully demonstrated now by the Corona pandemic of 2020.

 Dr.F.Braich, DDS,PhD.

ABMA Director 

Palm Beach, Florida  

Sept 2020.

Copyright 2020, ABMA