American Balneo Institute


American Balneo Medicine Institute

As the learning center of the ABMA – the Institute – unites all the efforts of teaching, research, inspiration and education geared towards our American health care professionals for the final benefit of the American patients and promotion of health in our country.

The American Balneo Medicine Institute is offering ABMA the ability to train, teach and inspire a vast number of our doctors, chiropractors, physiotherapists, nutritionists and all other medical professionals, in the modern art of Balneo Medicine.

The academic programs of the Institute as well as public education programs are developed in cooperation with medical schools and universities of prestigious renown in Europe. The international educational programs, research and studies will qualify our doctors to be able to offer a second front on fighting the epidemics in our nation.

The American Balneo Medicine Institute saves patients’ lives and reduces health costs for our country.

Help us build the Institute Community

Everybody can help – our Institute can only perform this high calling if all of us are giving a helping hand and participate in the Institute Community. Your support goes directly into education, research training and scientific studies desperately needed to help the ones in need.

The beneficiaries we together can help through the Institute and the knowledge delivered to our doctors are:

  • The chronic degenerative disease (CDD) patients who represent over half of our nation’s population
  • The opioid crisis victims losing their lives at a rate of 22-26 daily in our country.
  • Our Veterans – by losing daily over 26 lives due to suicide represent the most devastating moral disaster in our nation.
  • Addiction victims of all kinds – illegal drugs, alcohol, tobacco and even the sugar addiction costs us more than 44 lives a day.
  • Stress epidemic patients; this problem until recently unknown is the killer associated with all other epidemics and must be addressed by its own.
  • The national health budget – present epidemics are not only deadly but they cost our nation the highest loss of revenue in the entire national budget. If we can educate better and provide a more successful therapy for our CDD patients we can save hundreds of billions of dollars in our country.

There is no better spent dollar than in providing for a superior medical education. This is our deepest motivation…

The Institute as a learning center will enlarge the horizon of our medical professionals and establish a new scientific philosophy: “Our pharma medicine needs the Balneo Medicine and its limitless resources to successfully control the epidemics and give our American society a better health.”