By Dr. F.Braich DDS PhD.

Understanding the quintessential role of our IMMUNE SYSTEM  (IS) as the ultimate protection against the Corona pandemic and the next pandemics to come, must be our primordial strategy in promoting BALNEO MEDICINE into the post-Coronavirus world.

The Chinese Corona pandemic is only the first worldwide viral cataclysm to rock the entire planet and collapse our fragile systems.

Year after year, new vaccines and medicines will be developed for future viruses but with each new pandemic, hundreds of thousands of lives will be wasted and our economies will go from one fall into a deeper one before we will get a remedy.

The first Corona Pandemic FACT, and the most important lesson for us to learn from this, are that THE SINGLE, MOST EFFECTIVE AND IMMEDIATE RESPONSE to all future pandemics is an intact and fully functional IMMUNE SYSTEM. 

The Coronavirus is not age discriminating, as initially presented by ignorance or design to mislead by the Chinese authorities, but its onset and its symptomatic manifestation are solely dictated by the functionality of our IMMUNE SYSTEM …… This fundamental concept must finally enter our minds.!!!

Our immune system, however,  particularly within the western hemisphere finds itself unfortunately under multiple and permanent attacks with catastrophic consequences. 

Nevertheless,  the positive recognition is that all the debilitating causes bringing our immune system down are already successfully treated by modern BALNEO MEDICINE.  For decades, all such disorders: diabetes, RESPIRATORY-, renal-, GI-, cardiovascular and many others are successfully treated up to elimination, in many cases by different sectors of the Balneo Medicine. 

As the Corona pandemic clearly demonstrates, the major immune system disruptor is represented by this very large class of CDD… the chronic degenerative diseases. The epidemics of CDD in the western world are over 50% in adults and do increase considerably with age. This is why the group most affected by this virus are the elderly parts of the population. 

In addition to the CDD group  … high toxicity and drug addictions in our modern world are bringing our immune system to a very low level of protective capability. 

Controlling these impactors can be successfully addressed through many detoxification therapies and protocols of Balneo Medicine. 

The BALNEO LIFESTYLE CHANGE  can save lives with a very high rate of success as demonstrated in the last decades.

The crucial enemy of our immune system in modern society, however… with deep and partially not fully understood yet implications is without any doubt the CHRONIC STRESS SYNDROME. 

Our immune system has little capability to adapt to- and compensate for this  non- physiological disturbance, society-made and not a result of biological evolution, BUT capable to cause devastating hormonal response and nano transmitter reactions, generating a chaotic and permanent state of high alertness in our body. 

Destressing therapies and detoxification treatment within the protocol of the Balneo lifestyle changes have been established a long time ago by Balneology.  New and more sophisticated therapies, specially geared towards Immunology and the rehabilitation of the immune system, can be promoted now against future pandemics,  with measurable and scientifically proven results. 

This Coronavirus pandemic, now with millions of victims all over the world at this stage of development in April 2020, should be considered even by the most obstinate minds, as the strongest test, and scientifically more than conclusive and relevant research ever witnessed and proving beyond any reasonable doubt that the IMMUNE SYSTEM IS THE MAIN DEFENSE AGAINST THE VIRUS,……. while  demanding additional medical tests will be a simple insult to common sense and an excuse not to recognize the obvious facts.

In this context, the CDD impact on-, and exacerbation of virus infestations have also been proven by the tens of thousands of fatalities worldwide so far ,WHILE …..the immune system role in protecting us against pandemics has been established beyond any discussion long before this Corona apocalypse. 

In conclusion: 

Disputing the Corona pandemic established facts can no longer be supported by anyone without total loss of credibility, no matter the scientific/ medical credentials, when confronted with the most deadly and obvious observation of our time so far.

These Corona facts are and will always remain valid medical observation: 

# After this first Corona pandemics, new and deadlier pandemics will follow.

# Vaccines will take plenty of time to develop, while enormous numbers of fatalities and unimaginable  economic collapses will have to occur first .

# A strong IMMUNE SYSTEM  is our first line of defense and represents our sole natural mitigation of any natural or man-made pandemics. 

#  CDD, chronic stress syndrome, addictions and toxicity in our modern environment are bringing our immune system down and the afflicted patients in these categories are the first fatalities  of any pandemics.  

#  Less preexisting conditions we have in our population, the fewer fatalities in pandemics will be noticed. 

# BALNEO MEDICINE  is a natural protection for our IMMUNE SYSTEM  and has effective and medically proven therapies against all the diseases afflicting our immune system. 

# THE CORRELATION  BETWEEN PANDEMICS, OUR IMMUNE SYSTEM,  CDD, ADDICTIONS, CHRONIC STRESS AND THE BALNEO MEDICINE mitigation has been now established beyond any reasonable doubt,  if there ever has been one before, by this unprecedented world catastrophe. 

# Finally and from our American present experience  … the nation with the highest medical expenditure…. but also doubtless valid for the rest of the industrial world, the Corona pandemics has established that :

We DO NOT HAVE neither  hospitas nor the medical, nor the economic and logistic systems to cover a world pandemic,  nor we will ever have the capability to create such an infinitely large logistic system….. therefore the only natural and uniquely feasible condition for survival will always remain,  that preserving our systems and preventing their overwhelming and total collapse, can only be done by limiting the symptomatology of the future viruses’ impacts by a self-reliable and rehabilitated  IMMUNE SYSTEM.

If “more scientific trials are necessary to establish credibility” of the obvious facts above……. then the next pandemic to come could be the end of our civilization. 

Do we want to assume this unthinkable risk?

Do we want to allow the pessimists among our scientists to still negate the deadliest and obvious facts established by this Corona pandemic and in doing so, to gamble with our lives and our way of life?

In this stage, the “clinical Corona trial” has been complicated at the highest and unthinkable cost…. and we are only just starting to pay the Corona bill. 

We do not need any more other man-made, limited, scientific trails… now when our entire planet is participating in this gigantic and tragic study…… only to satisfy the over-dimensional ego of some scientists ,their needs to please their sponsors and their agendas  and their refusal to accept the CORONA FACTS.

Palm Beach, Florida ,   April 2020

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