After decades of regrettable neglect by previous administrations, now under our President Donald Trump the present administration  is committed to providing the best possible care for our US army veterans.

At over 20 million veterans in our country and more than 2 million just here in our state of Florida, this large segment of the population is one of the most vulnerable and afflicted groups by the present Corona pandemic.

Traditionally our vets are displaying the most incidences of chronic disease in our nation with respiratory, cardiovascular, renal, MS, arteriosclerosis  and  many other afflictions representing the comorbidities clearly responsible now  for the high Corona fatalities in our hospitals.

The mental health of our veterans and their drug addictions (to legal and illegal drugs alike) is demonstrated by the extreme higher rate of suicide at over 22 individuals each day.

With the allocation of vast funds for the management of the veteran crisis – our President is signaling now  the future plans of our Veteran Administration and is asking for new and more effective health programs to be developed and initiated  in particular now as a corona recovery response.

At the same time, the balneo medicine spas and resorts in Europe are offering today the ideal medical environment for the management of our veterans crisis. Many such health programs based on wellness and balneo medicine science are not available here in the US. From another perspective,  some parallel programs,  if available here to the American patients , are considerably  more costly  domestically  than in Europe, sometimes by several folds .

 Now in the process of recovery from the present Corona pandemic ,  ESPA members will be very well advised to consider this gigantic US veterans market and cooperate with us at ABMA – the ESPA representative in the USA – in establishing a comprehensive platform of rehabilitation structured on their existing capabilities and adapted to the US needs.

For the purpose of opening the  US health travel market ,  we created presently  The Forum,  a cooperation group of ESPA members interested in the US market. The specific veterans concept : the Veteran Rehabilitation Program is now an integral part of the forum platform. 

The VRP will address

  1. The chronic degenerative diseases (CDD) and their reduction
  2. The drug addiction rehabilitation based on more scientific and higher efficiency methods.
  3. the mental health treatment and maintenance
  4. The post Corona medical recovery programs
  5. The rehabilitation of the immune system , as the ultimate scientific response to Corona and future pandemics

The specific  Balneo Medical resources, experience and tradition of our ESPA members must be promoted on  the US market to the general public and in particular through the VRP to our veterans.

The critical realization in this stage is….. , that this vast American market is now more than ever before,   ready to be exposed to the European health tourism ….and the European health centers, at the same time , in the post coronavirus recovery struggle,  do need the large , safe and affluent American market in return.

This unique concept for the recovery efforts of the European Baleno industry is therefore, the logical replacement  of the mass tourism  of the  Pre-Corona era by  THE TRANSATLANTIC  HEALTH TOURISM , as a quintessential  niche  and a highly specialized future direction…., bringing the American and European health markets together, for the first time and for the mutual  benefit  , with a long-term goal and  strategy out into the future.

Dr. F.Braich DDS, PhD

Palm Beach, Florida 


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