A coronavirus pandemic perspective 

By Dr. F. Braich, DDS, PhD

Common influenza vaccines have been in use since a long time, and while a good majority of our population still ignores them, their merits cannot be disputed.  With the brand new CORONAvirus the discussion about its specific vaccine is now in full debate. 

We will need at least a year to produce and safely administer it if the genetic code was secured adequately.  We know, however, that each new seasonal change can demonstrate the configuration evolution of the same virus.  If the virus mutates, can we be absolutely sure that the last season vaccines, obtained at such high costs and sacrifice, will do again their job , protecting the most vulnerable demographic groups?  

There are now medical opinions being voiced out and causing quite significant doubts in this respect.  The Coronavirus vaccines utilized in veterinary medicine are not effective against some ever evolving viruses in humans. Such a vaccine can actually be harmful to humans, if the sensitization caused in the body by a previous vaccination will cause an overreaching immunological reaction.

Studies will be needed to demonstrate the percentage of previously influenza-vaccinated patients contained within the fatalities of the Coronavirus.  Is there any connection?  If on the other and more sinister hand, this virus was lab-manufactured ….. then the provisions against a counteracting vaccine have already been anticipated and future mutations will render such vaccines useless. 

The CORONAvirus PANDEMIC nevertheless, does show us the quintessential truth, if we are open-minded and educated enough to reach the ultimate conclusion….. which can save millions of lives and total economic collapse in future pandemics.  The conclusion here is that while the vaccines are of certain value, they are coming after the fact , as a result of a new pandemic, many fatalities and the economic meltdown  and cannot anticipate the pandemic unless caused by the exact same virus with no significant mutations. They are excellent for public morale with big reassurance value as the present influenza-vaccines are today, resulting anyway in lethality with or without the vaccination. 

Considering the fundamental mechanism of the vaccines, in which a deliberate infection of a “healthy” patient is induced to elicit an immunological response to better fight the expected natural contamination in the future …. then the key element here, upon the entire  vaccination concept rests its validity, is the IMMUNE SYSTEM itself. 

An intact, undiminished, uncompromised and unsuppressed IMMUNE SYSTEM will do the proper defense job anytime against any virus and under any conditions…. That is why we as humans are still here ,inhabiting this planet and curiously harbor within our bodies more microorganisms than our own cells.

The Coronavirus pandemic lesson we are slowly digesting now is that the overwhelming numbers of fatalities represent patients with chronic diseases, the CDD, which depressed considerably their immune system before the Corona infection.

Furthermore, considering that in the USA today over 60% of our adult population is afflicted by one or more of the CDD such as diabetes, respiratory distress syndrome, cardiovascular disease, obesity and over 95% chronic periodontitis, then our medical profession will be better advised to concentrate on treating and diminishing such pandemic afflictions in order to rejuvenate such patients’ IMMUNE SYSTEM. 

The modern science of BALNEO MEDICINE is the key element in treating CDD and promoting the necessary LIFESTYLE CHANGE required for the proper maintenance and rehabilitation of the immune system. 

By their chronic and modern lifestyle nature the CDD are more likely to respond positively to  a Balneo medical guided and continuous program, than to a pure pharmacological approach. Developing over a lifetime and almost undetected, the CDD have shown the tendency to diminish and even reverse, as  demonstrated by diabetes , when following scientific, natural balneo protocol under medical guidance. 

It becomes clear now, the future pandemics will be based on the respiratory virus family alone, due to their strategic spreading mechanism. This fact in return qualifies the chronic respiratory diseases, cardiovascular and autoimmune afflictions and diabetes as primary CDD classes necessary to be controlled much more diligently in the years to come.  With balneo medical protocols available, this CDD category can constitute the single major reduction possibility for total fatalities of future pandemics, as well as considerably diminishing the need for social separation and its catastrophic economic collapse.

The future pandemics, natural or manmade, can be better anticipated by a coordinated cooperation between the pharma medicine,  producing  the vaccines and other medications, and the BALNEO MEDICINE treating the CDD, fighting drug addictions and controlling the rampant chronic stress syndrome with the ultimate goal of rehabilitating the human IMMUNE SYSTEM.  

The present coronavirus pandemic has established more clear than ever before the undisputed role of BALNEO MEDICINE as the long term, preventive and economical custodian of the HUMAN IMMUNE SYSTEM, with fundamental implications in saving lives and economic meltdown in future pandemics.

This double front, the ultimate dualism between PHARMA MEDICINE and BALNEO MEDICINE  can be the singular, fundamental and most logical lesson we, the medical profession, have to learn from the CORONAvirus PANDEMIC global meltdown. 

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Palm Beach, Florida 

April 2020

Copyright ABMA 2020

Dr. F.Braich, DDS,PhD

Director, ABMA