Dear Colleagues and Friends:

During these terrible times of Coronavirus pandemic, new ideas and plans for the post pandemic era are developing.

Particularly in the medical world now is the time to create new friends, relationships and come together to forge strategies, therapies and medical concepts to help our society against future and deadlier pandemics to come.

On all aspects of cooperation, our relationship between the US and Israel has been and will always be the very best one, established on complete trust, not commonly present internationally in our contemporary world. 

Now ,more than ever ,we need to create the common base and gather a strategic group of doctors, scientists and also politicians between our two countries to help us and our future generations to better resist this new invisible and terrible enemy.

New viruses will be developed, many times more deadly than the natural ones, vaccines will take a long time to create for each new pandemic while innumerable lives will be lost, families destroyed and our economies will eventually collapse.  This is exactly the plan of our enemies.  We should not allow that to happen.

We at the ABMA are convinced that the only medically sustainable and rational strategy against future pandemics will always be our natural defense mechanism, the HUMAN IMMUNE SYSTEM 

We all will eventually get the virus but the outcome on an individual basis is dictated by the capability of our immune system response: we can recover from the infection easily or we can be one of the statistical fatalities, depending exclusively and indisputably on our capacity to counteract and cope with future pandemics. 

Vaccines and medication will take time in the making, our immune system however,  is instantly available.  Social separation and distancing will help but imposed for a long time and often, they will kill our economies.  The immune system again, will constitute the solution for a more rational mitigation and will always be the answer we are looking for.

Unfortunately, in our society our immune system is under permanent attack by the other underlying pandemics, the CDD , the chronic degenerative diseases.  Treating and controlling CDD such as:  diabetes, obesity, respiratory, GI, renal and many others with the help of our pharma medicine in conjunction with the modern Balneo Medicine can free up and rehabilitate our immune system to better fight the new viruses to come.

Rebuilding our devastated economies after each new pandemic will take time and infinite resources.   Rehabilitating our immune system is much cheaper, more logical, medically mandatory and the only plausible and sustainable action.

Let us keep in mind that to build and indefinitely maintain a permanent emergency medical hospital system to be ready and waiting – idling – for the next pandemic is financially and logistically impossible.  Our response system must be each and every time scrambled and improvised “ad hoc” for each new event to be pandemic specific while our immune system is permanent and universal and by design infinitely adaptable to new viral infections.

These days of the pandemic, reports are coming in from our friends worldwide that by all reasonable considerations, the mass tourism is dead and if the tourism industry will want to get restarted again ….. well it will have to be a totally different one.  The tragic Italian example will be with all of us forever and no one will ever again want to repeat the same Italian wholesale of national institutes and then … to “hug Chinese  mass tourists ” as the Mayor of Venice expressed with infinite but totally irrational confidence and magnanimity just days before the pandemic meltdown started in North Italy. 

The tourism industry should be replaced with the Balneo Medicine tourism for the following considerations:

In the USA over 50% of our population is suffering from one or the other CDD, the chronic degenerative disease, and afflictions with proven suppression of the immune system, as clearly demonstrated by the Corona pandemic. 

Israel is one of the ultimate locations on the planet for Balneo Medicine therapies not developed in the USA.  Our American patients will be perfect medical TRANSATLANTIC travelers for Israel’s Balneo centers.  This is by far the most logical, necessary and sustainable revival of the tourism industry by replacing the mass transasiatic tourism with the highly specialized Balneo Medicine Transatlantic concept. 

We at ABMA are honored to have our friend and representative in Israel, Mr. Adi Azoulay, expert in medical travel and uniquely versed in balneo medicine logistics and international relationships.

We ask all of you, dear friends and colleagues, to contact Mr. Azoulay and ABMA and let us develop together a true American – Israeli pandemic cooperation group with the goal of developing and proposing new strategies for the future.

NOW is the time if we have learned this tragic coronavirus lesson, for contemplative reflection and strategically significant actions since it must be clear to any reasonable person that the next pandemic could be upon us much sooner than we can imagine today.

Our best wishes to all of you – stay home and stay healthy.

Dr F Braich

Director, ABMA

Palm Beach, Florida

April 2020