By Dr. F Braich DDS PhD

According to recent autopsy evaluations in Italy and around the world, it has been established that the fatalities occur due to an overwhelming immune response to the Coronavirus COVID19.  It has been also proven that the absolute majority of such fatalities occur on patients with pre-existing conditions such as chronic degenerative disease including respiratory afflictions, addictions of all kinds and generally persons with suppressed immune systems due to medication or other medical reasons.  

The scientific deduction from the above facts must be that an impaired and compromised immune system will react to the viral invader unnecessarily strong, creating a havoc reaction in the body which ultimately will kill the patient.  For a layman’s explanation, such a reaction could be compared to an allergic reaction to a bee sting or any other trivial incident which can bring the allergic patient into an anaphylactic shock and, without immediate healthcare, to death.

Why would our immune system choose in particular cases (compromised conditions) to react with such overwhelming physiological changes while in another patient a slight symptomatic or even asymptomatic reaction to the same virus can be observed?

The only plausible comment to this would be that in the compromised patient, the immune system is in permanent status of a subacute / chronic stage  and the slightest unusual additional intrusion will generate the life threatening total reaction and collapse.  If this is the case , the next following idea should be debated:  from the perspective of future preventions of such catastrophic pandemics the main idea would impose itself as the necessary treatment for all chronic afflictions in our population. 

Knowing very well that in the USA roughly 50% of our adult population suffers of one or more forms of CDD and over 95% of these are heavily plagued by the “mother of chronic afflictions” – the periodontal or gum disease, we must advise the medical profession to pay excessive attention in treating, reducing, mitigating and even eliminating such chronic afflictions from the perspective view of survival into the next pandemic.  

It is clear now that BALNEO MEDICINE  can help here in a documented, multilateral and very broad spectrum palette of treatments of chronic degenerative disease.  

In conclusion, utilizing well documented and time honored therapies of balneo medicine, the medical profession can control the outcome of future pandemics by helping such patients to be better prepared for virus infections.  By reduction of their underlying chronic disease, the immune system will hopefully react more normal, within the expected limits of biological self protecting mechanism, and not sending such a patient to a certain death as presently documented by the Coronavirus pandemic.

As the month of April progresses, we are confronted with the now documented certain information that the Coronavirus pandemic originated in the Wuhan virulogical military lab in China, the only category 4 virulogical institute they have.  The virus which initially in its original form was not transmissible from bats to humans, has been enhanced by Chinese doctors particularly the Chinese ‘bat lady’ Dr Shi, at the request of the Chinese military to be rapidly transmissible from human to human with extremely high virulence.  The question is: why such research was necessary, what is the true scope of it.  We can only speculate but that would lead us inevitably to the conclusion that the Coronavirus version 2.0 is pending and will be upon us much faster than we can imagine.  Some skeptics or individuals on the CCP payroll worldwide will comment as usual, that this is a natural occurrence and all the rest is pure conspiracy theory.  Can we bet our life and economic ruin on their speculations as we did following the WHO cover up for the Chinese man-made disaster?  

The suggestion is , that we should concentrate on what we have today, make order in our medical thoughts, promote a safe attitude for the future pandemics and utilize the time we have until the next pandemic to encourage the medical community to pay more attention in treating chronic degenerative disease and utilizing the magnificent and life saving procedures offered by our modern balneo medicine.

I hope with the above statement I can open some medical eyes and I modestly believe that we can save millions of lives in the future if we finally snap out of the overstretched, antiquated and counterproductive mentality of the 20th century , where endless studies and worthless discussions have plagued our medicine over the decades while millions of patients could have been helped to stay alive.  

Using a permanently quoted expression of our President Donald J. Trump “What do we have to lose anyway?”  I am referring to the fact that CDD’s and addictions of all kinds should be treated in the first place.  Now by treating them with an additional purpose in prevention of future pandemics, the winning to the patient is multiplied by many folds.  We have nothing to lose by employing the principles of balneo medicine in mitigating and curing many CDD’s.  

Dear colleagues, it’s time for all of us to wake up finally for…, we do not have the time any longer nor the luxury to continue with the old medical mentality of antiquated procrastination,  hiding behind worthless studies and endless research.  The 21st century pandemics are upon us and a part of our new reality, forcing our hand into action. If we do not want to wake up one day in a “stone age” world economy as the result of the next super-pandemics. 

My best to you all,

Dr F Braich DDS PhD

Director, ABMA and ABMI

Palm Beach, Florida