Est. April 2020 – during Coronavirus pandemic

The Message and the Concept

The Coronavirus pandemic in full ascendence this April 2020 has compelled us to issue the following statement and appeal for cooperation.

  1.  If mass tourism based on Chinese excessive volume is now dead and will hopefully never be revived, then the only other alternative will be the TransAtlantic model, The American tourists and European hosts. 

Financially sound and renewable

Noncontroversial healthwise

Very large volume

Controllable under American / EU similar regulations

  1. If mass tourism will be avoided for the protection of destination regions then only the Niche tourism model can revive the national tourism industries.
  1.  Medical TransAtlantic tourism can become the highest lucrative and all parties-weaning concept for the post-Coronavirus world based on very high patient numbers afflicted by CDD in the USA, over 50% in the adult population.
  1.  Preventive Balneo Medicine is the ultimate Niche tourism class.  Immune system rehabilitation through destressing therapies against chronic stress syndrome, treatment of CDD and detoxification therapies against drug addictions is the main focus of the Preventive Balneo Medicine. European Balneo centers, resorts and clinics can easily recover from the Coronavirus meltdown by opening their doors to the TransAtlantic Balneo Medical Tourism.
  1. Our Forum for Preventive Balneo Medicine was born through a series of video conferences during the Coronavirus pandemic shutdown  within our ABMA group and is a result of several years of technical discussions regarding Balneo tourism in combination with Niche touristic concept.  The crystallization of the ideas    and the adaptation of the concept was definitely caused by the Coronavirus world collapse and the need for a logical and sustainable solution for the future health crises followed inevitably by the partial or total economic collapse.
  1. We are presently encouraging interested experts in multiple balneo, immunology, economic and political directions to join our international forum and cooperate with us: 
  • To create a multilevel media information center
  • To promote medical information and education to our medical professionals (see ABMI) as initiated by our ABMI postgraduate Balneo programs
  • To design new medical concepts against future pandemics
  • To promote the reopening of international tourism in its new format as proposed by our group – the TransAtlantic preventive Balneo Tourism
  • To encourage the multidirectional cooperation between medical professions, balneo resorts and centers and tourism medicine.
  • To initiate a radical new positive shift in our medical philosophy in the post Coronavirus era (preventive, adaptable, proactive, sustainable and replicable) instead of the present one (reactive, scrambled and ruinous expensive with cataclysmic economic consequences, not foreseeable yet in April 2020)
  • To establish the quintessential medical / economic concept of rehabilitation the human immune system as the sole practical defense against future pandemics with resulting fatalities and worldwide economic collapse.

Please contact us and arrange for video conferences. We would like to have your suggestions and welcome your participation.

Now is the proper time to step in and make a crucial impact on the new post-Corona world.

Dr F Braich DDS PhD

Director, ABMA and ABMI

Palm Beach, Florida